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If you want to change your cryptocurrency into more than 100 different virtual coins then start using Binance Exchange. As of 2018 Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. It’s mainly used for crypto to crypto trading which means trading between to virtual coins. It became so popular because of its low transactions fees, high liquidity and the additional discounts. Binance is based in Tokyo. In 2017 they launched their exchange services. With their multi-tier and multi-clustered architecture they claim very high standards when it comes to security and safety. Therefor they can handle over 1.4 million exchanges per second. They offer services around trading, listing, fundraising and de-listing of cryptocurrencies. People who want to launch their own tokens can use Binance Exchange for raising funds.

Binance now

At this time Binance has three types of trade’s: limit, market and stop limit orders. Binance exchange only accepts crypto deposits. Although you can buy BTC, XRP, BNB, ETH, LTC and BCH with your creditcard. A thing that makes Binance Exchange so pleasing to users is that the fee is only 0.1%. When working with BNB (native Binance token), gives you a 25% discount. Deposits on Binance exchange are free of any extra charges. Binance uses a very simple limit structure, only withdrawal has limits. If you are a non verified user you can exchange 2 BTC per day. Although verified users can exchange up to 100 BTC per day.

Binance tools

Binance exchange is available for worldwide use. Besides that you can exchange on Binance, it also has some tools, platforms and services for the overall ecosystem of the blockchain. Binance labs is their own blockchain which helps them focus on nurturing pre-ICO stage projects. Binance labs is helpful for project teams because it helps them by providing funding for development, advisory resources and a launchpad for listing.

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